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When to Find Allegiant Airlines Flight Deals

We know you’re all anxious for Allegiant to extend their schedule past August 16 – and with good reason! We’re here to answer your question about when does Allegiant release their flights, so you can make the most of their travel deals.

When Does Allegiant Release Their Next Set of Flights?

Allegiant Airlines begins selling its tickets five to nine months in advance. They are currently only accepting reservations through February 12, 2019. As such, you can expect their next extension of flights to become available some time in April.

You can already find $29 flights for both departing and arrival options if you know your trip dates that far in advance. Omaha Airport (OMA) is beginning June 15, 2023, with one-way fares as low as $49*. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is also available, with prices that could make your travel dreams come true.

What Do We Know About Allegiant’s Flight Release Schedule?

According to a forum thread in 2011, someone actually called Allegiant over this question. They were told that the airline releases flight tickets five to nine months in advance. So if you’re hoping to find Allegiant flights for your summer vacations, you should start looking in March or April.

Make the Most of Allegiant’s Travel Deals

Allegiant Airlines offers some of the lowest airfares for domestic and international travel. With their 5 to 9 month advance booking window, you can make sure you get the best deals for your trips.

Visit Find Traveling Deals to find the latest Allegiant Airlines flight deals and promotions. Allegiant Airlines offers flights to domestic and international destinations, so you can make the most of your travel budget.

What is the reason for there being no Allegiant flights in September?

He stated that Allegiant’s schedules are dictated by tourist travel, which is why they take a break from mid-August to September for training and maintenance, as that is their low season.

On what days does Allegiant not operate flights?

Most leisure travelers tend to fly from Thursdays to Mondays, and prefer to conclude their trips on a Sunday, which is why Allegiant Air operates so many flights on Sundays.

Does Delta own Allegiant?

Allegiant Air is owned by Allegiant Travel Company, which is a publicly traded company listed on NASDAQ with the symbol ALGT. Allegiant Travel Company also owns Allegiant Vacations.

How much advance notice should you give for booking a flight?

It is generally recommended that you book domestic trips 1-4 months ahead of time and international flights at least 6 months in advance. You should also allow yourself more time to look into the details of an international flight compared to a domestic one.


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