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Unravel the Meaning of ‘Chepear’: Definition, Conjugations & More

Are you curious about the word “chepear”? In this article, we will discuss what it means and how to use it correctly. We will also look at the definitions of the word according to different dictionaries, as well as its conjugations.

What Does “Chepear” Mean?

The word “chepear” has two main meanings. The first is to “copy” or “imitate”. This generally refers to copying someone else’s work, whether it be an essay or a test. The second meaning is to “cheat” or “gossip”. This often refers to cheating on a test or spreading rumors.

Chepear in the Dictionary

In the Spanish-English dictionary Tureng, the meaning of “chepear” is “to cheat”. It is also defined as “unverified to cheat on a test” in the Centroamericano and Colombiano dialects. According to the Dictionary of the Spanish Language, the verb “chepear” means “to copy” or “to imitate”.

Chepear Conjugation

The verb “chepear” is an irregular verb in the present tense, and its conjugations are as follows: yo chepeo, tú chepeas, él/ella/usted chepea, nosotros chepeamos, vosotros chepeáis, ellos/ellas/ustedes chepean. As you can see, the infinitive form of the verb is “chepear”.

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