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Unlock New Heights: Exploring Aviation with Explore Aviation LLC

Exploring aviation can be quite a thrilling and educational experience. In this article, I will cover all the aspects of aviation and provide you with helpful information about aviation career exploring, airport management, aviation fuel, aircraft parking, hangars, passenger terminals and lounges, flight training, and aircraft rental.

What is Aviation Career Exploring?

Aviation Career Exploring is a hands-on program open to young men and women from the 6th grade to 20 years old with an interest in learning more about aviation. Participants can visit Explore Aviation LLC, located at 2401 S 21st Ave, Yakima, WA, United States, Washington. During the visit, the participants can learn about the various aspects of aviation such as airport management, aircraft parking and hangars, aircraft fuel, passenger terminals and lounges, and flight training.

Aircraft Rental

Explore Aviation LLC also offers aircraft rental services. Their flagship Super King Air B200 is ideal for reaching remote airstrips in Africa which is difficult to reach by scheduled carriers. They also offer premium benefits such as $15 off per hour of dual instruction in Piper J3.

Aviation Explorer Post

An Aviation Explorer Post is a young adult organization for boys and girls that recruits members, elects officers, and plans programs based on the interests of its members. The program provides hands-on activities and helps participants gain knowledge, skills, and an understanding of the aviation industry.

Fly with Explore Aviation

Explore Aviation LLC provides fantastic opportunities to fly with them and explore the Northwest. Their services are available to all ages and experience levels. Whether you’re a first-time flyer or an experienced pilot, Explore Aviation LLC can help you hone your skills and expand your horizons.

Exploring aviation can be an exciting and educational experience. Whether you’re looking to learn more about aviation, explore the northwest, or just have some fun, Explore Aviation LLC has something for everyone. With their premium benefits and aircraft rental services, they can help you reach new heights.

For more information about Explore Aviation LLC and their services, visit Find Traveling Deals.

What is the purpose of an aviation Explorer post?

A Aviation Explorer Post is a group for boys and girls that is led by adult mentors and managed by elected student officers. The post members will work together to create programs and activities based off of the organization’s resources.

What is the duration of pilot school?

Ideally, it should take only 3 to 4 years to become a pilot by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Professional Flight. Therefore, it is recommended to wait until you are enrolled in a certified school, such as LETU, before beginning your journey to becoming a pilot in order to ensure a consistent standard of training.

How many hours do airline pilots spend on duty in one day?

Airline pilots typically put in an average of 225 hours of work each month, with 75 of those hours spent actually in the air. In addition to flying, they must also check weather conditions and create flight plans, which can take up another 150 hours. Pilots usually have alternating shifts, with several days of work followed by days off.

What is the maximum amount of hours a commercial pilot is allowed to fly in one day?

Flight crews of one pilot may only fly for up to 8 hours in their duty period, while those with two pilots can fly for up to 10 hours. This includes any extra flights they may have taken commercially during that time.

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