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Unlock Big Savings: How to Find Unpublished Airfares

Are you looking for the best airfare deals? If so, you may have heard of unpublished airfares. These fares are not available at the click of a button, but can be accessed through travel agents and consolidators. In this article, we will answer the question “What are Unpublished Airfares?”.

What are Unpublished Airfares?

Unpublished airfares, also known as private fares, negotiated fares, consolidator fares, and wholesale fares, are airfares that are not available to the general public. These fares are usually available with a travel agent or consolidator, and can be up to 25-70% off published fares, depending on the route. Unpublished fares can be especially helpful when booking last-minute flights, or when booking a flight to a popular destination during high season.

Published airfares, on the other hand, are fares that can be bought by anyone who visits the airline’s website or calls the airline directly. These fares are usually more expensive than unpublished fares, since they are available to the general public. Prices for published fares can vary depending on the airline, destination, and time of travel.

How to Find Unpublished Airfares

The best way to find unpublished airfares is to call a travel agent or consolidator. CheapOair, for example, is a great resource for finding unpublished airfares. CheapOair offers access to their unpublished airfares that are not available on the website. It’s important to note that unpublished airfares can change quickly, so it’s important to book quickly to get the best deal.

In addition to calling a travel agent, you can also track the prices of flights, car rentals, and hotels using a daily rate graph. This allows you to compare prices and book the best deal as soon as possible. UnpublishedFareHub, which is owned by WizFair, is another great resource for finding unpublished airfares. They provide access to hundreds of private fares, so you can get the best deal possible.

Tips for Finding the Best Unpublished Airfares

  • Start tracking the price of your flight, car rental, or hotel daily
  • Book early to get the best deals
  • Compare prices between different airlines and destinations
  • Call a travel agent or consolidator for unpublished airfares
  • Use daily rate graphs to compare prices

Unpublished airfares can be a great way to save money on travel. By following these tips, you’ll be able to find the best deals on flights, car rentals, and hotels. For more tips and advice on finding the best travel deals, visit Find Traveling Deals.

What are airfares that have not been made public?

Unpublished airfares, which are sometimes referred to as private fares, consolidator fares, or wholesale fares, are not available to purchase through the airline’s online portal or by phone. These fares can provide discounts of up to 20 to 60 percent off the regular fare.

What are the differences between published fares and unpublished fares?

Published airfares are fares that are openly available to the public. In contrast, unpublished airfares are not advertised and are not able to be found through contacting the airline directly.

Is it possible to purchase empty plane tickets?

Unfortunately, it’s rare to find open tickets for flights nowadays, unless you make a booking through a travel agency or meet certain criteria. For instance, students can sometimes get open tickets. On the bright side, though, there are still ways to get them.

What are the current airfare prices?

Airfares were considerably lower than usual during spring 2020 and continued to be low until the end of 2021. However, in May 2022 they reached an all-time peak. Now, in January 2023, prices have gone down by 1.5% from the previous month.

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