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Uncovering the Truth: Does Booking Flights in Incognito Mode Save Money?

When it comes to booking flights, travelers often want to feel like they’re beating the system. Searching for flights in incognito mode has become a popular way to do just that. But does it really help you save money? In this article, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of booking flights in incognito mode, including whether or not it will help you save money.

Does Booking Flights in Incognito Mode Help You Save Money?

According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, there’s no harm in clearing your cookies or searching for a flight in your browser’s incognito mode. Many travelers believe that booking flights in incognito mode will help them save money, but unfortunately, this is not true. Incognito mode does not help you save money on flights. Airfares are incredibly volatile and the major factors contributing to their changing rates are the number of available seats, the time and date of your flight, and the demand for those flights.

Why Do People Believe Booking Flights in Incognito Mode Saves Money?

The idea that booking flights in incognito mode saves money is one of the most well-known secrets for ensuring a lower flight price. This is because most aggregator or airline sites follow your search patterns, increasing the price of flights if you search for them multiple times. To book flight ticket in incognito mode, just click on the 3 dot at the top right corner and select the “New Incognito Window”. You can now search your flight without the website tracking you.

The Bottom Line

Searching for flights in incognito mode can make travelers feel like they have an edge over the airlines. However, the reality is that incognito mode does not actually help you save money on flights. You can still use the incognito mode to prevent the websites from tracking your searches, but there’s no guarantee that it will help you get lower fares. To find the best deals on flights, use Find Traveling Deals to compare prices from multiple airlines.

Is it possible to reserve a flight while using private browsing?

It is a widely accepted fact that searching for flights in incognito mode or deleting the cookies on your web browser will help to prevent the website from tracking and thus raising the cost. We can confidently declare that this does not work.

What does it mean to fly anonymously?

This stops websites from tracking your searches and remembering your preferences with the use of cookies, which may lead to higher prices when you want to book a flight you found earlier.

What is the process for using airline apps anonymously?

On Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox, you can utilize the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + p; on Google Chrome, the shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + n; and on Apple Safari, the shortcut is Command + Shift + p.

Does the cost of flights alter if you continue to look?

When looking for the best travel deal, it’s advisable to check both when logged in and when logged out so all the deals can be compared. This could make a small but not significant difference in the cost of flights which can depend on the day and time the search is conducted.


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