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Uncovering the Truth about Incognito Flight Booking

Are you trying to book a flight but don’t want the price to increase due to the airline tracking your searches? You may have heard to search incognito so airlines don’t track your searches but there’s a problem – it’s not true. In this article, we’ll look at the truth behind booking flights in incognito mode and other tips to get the best deal on your next flight.

What Is Incognito Flight Booking?

Incognito flight booking is a concept that suggests travelers should book flights in incognito mode – also known as private browsing mode – to avoid airline tracking and therefore get a better deal on flights. However, in reality, this tip is not accurate. According to Scott’s Cheap Flights, there’s no harm in clearing your cookies or searching for a flight in your browser’s incognito mode, but it won’t make much of a difference in terms of flight prices.

How to Get the Best Deals on Flights

When it comes to booking flights, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to get the best deal on your next flight. Here are some of the best tips to consider:

  • Book Early: The earlier you book your flight, the better the deal you can get. Airlines increase prices as the flight date approaches, so it’s best to book as early as possible.
  • Compare Prices: It’s always a good idea to compare prices using online flight comparison tools such as Skyscanner, Expedia, and Kayak. Doing so can help you find the best deals.
  • Consider Stopovers: It’s typically true for long-haul flights, where you can cut rates by almost half if you pick ones with layovers or even stopovers. For instance, you can save money by taking a flight from New York to Athens with a stopover in Paris.

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To book flight ticket in incognito mode, just click on the 3 dot at the top right corner and select the “New Incognito Window”.


When it comes to booking flights, searching incognito won’t make much of a difference in terms of flight prices. To get the best deal on flights, always book early, compare prices using online flight comparison tools, and consider stopovers for long-haul flights. For more tips on finding the best deals on flights, be sure to visit Find Traveling Deals.

Is it possible to reserve flights while using private browsing?

It is an indisputable fact: Using incognito mode or deleting cookies when searching for flights will not make any difference in the price. It is a common misconception that this will lower the cost.

Will using incognito mode result in lower-priced flights?

Using Incognito mode does not guarantee savings on airfare since prices can fluctuate a lot based on the number of seats and the demand for a certain flight. There are many myths about how to get cheaper plane tickets, but none of them are proven to be effective.

What is the definition of incognito booking?

Using incognito mode, otherwise known as privacy browsing, creates a unique online session separate from your regular browsing. This stops sites from utilizing cookies to monitor your web searches and recognize your preferences.

What is the best way to use airline apps anonymously?

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + p works in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox; Ctrl + Shift + n is used for Google Chrome; and Command + Shift + p is for Apple Safari.

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