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Uncovering the History & Current Status of Costco Logo Products

In this article, we will answer the question “what happened to costco logo products” by giving a detailed insight into the history and current situation of Costco logo products.

What happened to Costco Logo Products?
Costco is a retail company that sells a variety of products, including promotional items. In 1995, the company announced on its website that it had removed all of its private brands and replaced them with a new logo featuring a black, white and red design. Since then, Costco has partnered with Harland Clarke (asi/219943) to offer promotional products through a mobile-friendly website. Harland Clarke also provides custom logo products to Costco customers.

Custom Logo Products
Costco Wholesale now offers Custom Logo Products. Costco’s commitment to providing members with quality and value is why they selected Harland Clarke as their promotional products partner. With the help of Harland Clarke, Costco members can now purchase custom logo products, such as writing instruments, apparel, bags, technology items, health items, and more.

Order Checks | Costco
For those looking to order checks, Costco has partnered with Harland Clarke to provide checks for their members. With the help of Harland Clarke, Costco members can easily order checks online and get them delivered to their doorstep. The ordering process is secure and hassle-free, and members can choose from a wide variety of check designs.

Direct Relationship – Harland Clarke
Costco has a direct relationship with Harland Clarke. This relationship allows Costco to provide its members with quality custom logo products that are printed and shipped directly from Harland Clarke. This ensures that members are getting the best quality products at the best prices.

New Costco Promotional Products Business Launches Via Harland Clarke
Harland Clarke has recently launched a new promotional products business with Costco. This new business provides members with access to a wide range of promotional products, such as apparel, bags, technology items, health items, and more. These products can be customized with a logo or message of the customer’s choice.

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