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Uncover the Secrets to Finding Cheap Flights on Google

Are you wondering why Google Flights are cheaper than other airfare websites? In this article we will answer this important question and explain how you can find the best deals when using Google Flights.

Why Are Google Flights Cheaper?

Google Flights is one of the best tools you can use to find the cheapest airfare. Google Flights relies mostly on listing airfare directly from the airlines, so you can often find cheaper fares than what the other online travel agencies (OTAs) offer. You can also search for flights with flexible dates and destinations, allowing you to find the cheapest place to go when you don’t have a specific destination in mind. Additionally, Google Flights also returns flights as “separate tickets”, which can often result in much lower prices than a single ticket.

Google Flights is very good at finding the lowest prices, but it doesn’t always display the cheapest flights at all times. It’s worth it to always compare flight options from different websites, as they may have different prices. In some cases, you may find a cheaper flight on another website.

When searching for flights on Google Flights, you may also find a “Price Guarantee” option. This means that Google’s algorithms are confident that the price you find is the lowest available before the flight departs. After you book on Google, they will monitor the price and if it drops, they will refund the difference.

How to Find the Best Deals on Google Flights

There are a few ways you can find the best deals when using Google Flights. First, use the flexible search option to find the cheapest place to go. You can also use the “Explore” tab to find the cheapest destinations from your home airport. Additionally, you can set up price alerts so that you know when prices drop for your desired flights. Finally, be sure to compare prices with other websites – you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

Finding the best deals on Google Flights isn’t always easy. You need to be patient and explore all your options. But with the right research and preparation, you can find the cheapest flights and save money on your next vacation.


Google Flights can often be cheaper than other websites because they list airfare directly from the airlines. Additionally, they also return flights as “separate tickets” which can often result in much lower prices. To get the best deals on Google Flights, use the flexible search option, explore your options with the “Explore” tab, set up price alerts, and compare prices with other websites. For the best travel deals, visit Find Traveling Deals.

Is it secure to purchase a plane ticket through Google Flights?

Google serves as the middleman to safely transfer your details to the airline or travel agency, and does not take part in the purchase. If you are logged into your Google Account, you can quickly and securely complete your booking using the contact and payment information stored in your account.

Are Google flight costs trustworthy?

Google Flights is highly dependable. It receives its data directly from each airline or online travel agency’s database, so any mistakes are usually due to an error from the airline, not Google.

What makes Google Flights more affordable than Expedia?

Google Flights and Kayak are good sources to compare flight prices from numerous airlines and they will direct you to the airline that offers the lowest fare. This differs from Expedia which is a travel agency that books flights through the agency, not directly from the airline.

What is the best website to search for flights on?

Google Flights is a great choice when making your airline reservations, but you can also check rates from third-party sites like and to see if there are better prices.


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