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Unbeatable Deals on Cheap Egypt Vacation Packages!

Are you looking for a great deal on a cheap Egypt vacation package? If yes, you’re in luck! There are plenty of exciting and affordable Egypt vacation packages for you to choose from. In this article, I’ll explain the different packages available, the best prices you can get, and the best places to stay when you book your trip.

Cheap Egypt Vacation Packages?

When it comes to cheap Egypt vacation packages, there’s something for everyone. From the classic Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, and Abu Simbel Vacation Package, 6 Days / 5 Nights for only $735, to the more affordable Cairo and Upper Egypt with Edfu & Kom Ombo for just $125 a night, you can find an Egypt vacation package that fits your budget.

If you’re looking for the best deals, you should check out the 3,921 hotels you can choose from in Egypt. The prices start from just $668 for a double room with a large bed for two people. You can also add flights, car rental, and some incredible experiences to your Egypt Vacation Package.

Suggested Vacation Packages in Egypt

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you should check out some of the suggested vacation packages in Egypt. For example, you can enjoy a 6-night trip from Rome to Cairo and then Athens for only $1,938. You can also get a 7-night trip from Athens to Cairo and then Istanbul for only $1,365.

For those looking for an all-inclusive experience, the Pyramids, Nile & Hurghada package is a great choice. This package includes 20 nights and costs just $2,023. It’s a great way to experience all that Egypt has to offer.

Best Places to Visit in Egypt

When it comes to the best places to visit in Egypt, there are a few locations that you should definitely put on your list. Cairo is the capital of Egypt and offers a wealth of history, culture, and attractions. Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and is home to beautiful beaches and plenty of attractions. Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect destination for a beach vacation, with its combination of natural beauty and vibrant nightlife. Luxor and Aswan are two of the most popular cities in Egypt and offer plenty of historical sites and attractions. Finally, Hurghada and Marsa Alam are two of the best destinations for a relaxing beach vacation.

Find the Best Deals on Vacations in Egypt

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So if you’re looking for a cheap Egypt vacation package, don’t hesitate to check out Find Traveling Deals. With their wide range of deals, you’re sure to find the perfect package for you.

For more information about cheap Egypt vacation packages visit Find Traveling Deals to find the best deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

What is the price of a vacation to Egypt?

A solo traveler can expect to pay around $1,349 for a 7-day trip to Egypt. A couple would pay approximately $2,246 while a family of four would pay approximately $1,654. Hotel prices in Egypt range from $36 to $160 per night with an average of $75. Vacation rentals, on the other hand, typically cost between $60 and $400 per night for the entire home.

What is the total cost of a two-week trip to Egypt?

The price of a two-week tour of Egypt is normally very expensive, with a good package costing over $2,000 per person. As an example, an 11-day Egypt trip with National Geographic is estimated to be around $12,000 for a couple, which is a very hefty price.

What is the cost of a 10-day trip to Egypt?

The Simply Egypt Package is a 5-day/4-night trip costing ₹1,03,067, the Pearls of Egypt Package is a 9-day/8-night journey at a cost of ₹1,87,148, the Highlights of Egypt Package is a 10-day/9-night excursion priced at ₹2,24,702, and the Egyptian Holiday with Red Sea – Cairo and Hurghada Package is a 7-day/6-night excursion for ₹1,58,294.

What is the optimal length of time to spend in Egypt?

It typically takes seven days to get a full experience of Egypt, including exploring Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and Alexandria and taking a cruise on the Nile. However, if you want to focus on the major attractions, five days should suffice.

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