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Secrets to Finding Cheap Allegiant Flights: Tips & Tricks

Are you looking for the cheapest flights on Allegiant Air? You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss the best times to buy tickets on Allegiant Air, the different strategies to use, and the best way to stay up to date on upcoming deals.

When Are Allegiant Flights Cheapest?

When it comes to Allegiant Air, the best and cheapest days to buy domestic flights are Tuesday and Wednesday. For international flights, the best time to buy is 6-9 months in advance when Allegiant Air announces their upcoming schedule. July is a great month to get the most affordable flights to your favorite destinations.

Additionally, keeping an eye out for Allegiant Air’s flash sales, which are typically announced late Monday night or early Tuesday, can be a great way to save on flights. You can also sign up for notifications to receive updates on the newest deals.

Strategies To Use For Cheaper Flights

  • Be Flexible With Travel Dates: Being flexible with when you travel can save you a lot of money. Try to be open to different dates and times.
  • Set Up Price Alerts: Setting up price alerts for your desired destination can help you stay informed about the best prices for your trip.
  • Book Early: Booking your flight early is a great way to get the cheapest fares. The earlier you book, the better the prices.
  • Be On The Lookout For Deals: It pays to be diligent when looking for the best deals. Staying active and checking websites like Find Traveling Deals will help you stay informed on the latest deals and discounts.


In conclusion, Allegiant Air is an affordable airline with great deals. The best times to buy flights on Allegiant Air are Tuesday and Wednesday for domestic flights and 6-9 months in advance for international flights. Additionally, setting up price alerts, booking early, and being on the lookout for deals can help you find the cheapest flights. To stay up to date on the latest deals and discounts, check out the website Find Traveling Deals.

What is the most economical day to book a flight?

Look into changing your travel arrangements so that you are leaving and returning on weekdays, rather than on the weekends, since mid-week flights typically cost less.

When are flights the most affordable?

It’s usually cheapest to book a flight between four months and three weeks prior to the planned departure date, but be aware that prices may go up or down due to seasonal trends or holidays. The day you book on doesn’t have an effect on the cost.

Is it possible that my Allegiant flight has become more affordable?

If you discover a lower overall cost on a trip package (air/hotel, air/car, or air/hotel/car) on another booking website within 48 hours after your first Allegiant reservation, Allegiant will give you a voucher worth the full amount of the difference.

Does Allegiant offer price adjustments?

If you come across a vacation package that is cheaper elsewhere, we will reimburse you the full amount of the difference. This applies to packages that include both airfare and accommodation that are identical in terms of the hotel, number of rooms and type of room, as well as packages combining airfare and car rentals with the same car company, type of car, pick-up and drop-off location and times.


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