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Is Buying Tickets at the Airport Cheaper? Pros & Cons

Traveling is expensive, and one of the biggest expenses is plane tickets. One way to save money is to buy plane tickets at the airport, but is this really true? In this article, we’ll look at whether or not buying tickets at the airport can really save you money, and what factors you should consider when making your decision.

Can You Buy Tickets at the Airport Cheaper?

Yes, you can save money by buying an airline ticket at the airport. However, according to travel experts, this tip only applies to ultra-low-cost carriers (ULCCs). Fees for online purchases can range between $18 to $25 dollars per flight, so if you’re flying with one of these ULCCs, buying at the airport may be a better option.

But beware: Buying a ticket at the airport could save you money, but it doesn’t always yield the best results. In fact, it could end up costing you time and more money. So, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before you make a decision.

Pros of Buying a Plane Ticket at the Airport

  • Lower fees
  • No need to worry about online fraud
  • Check-in is simpler
  • More opportunity for upgrades

Cons of Buying a Plane Ticket at the Airport

  • Longer wait times
  • Higher prices for some flights
  • Fewer flight options
  • No opportunity to compare prices

When Should You Buy a Plane Ticket at the Airport?

To sum it up, it may only be cheaper to buy a plane ticket at the airport if you’re purchasing a ticket from a budget airline, like Spirit, depending on how far in advance you buy your ticket. However, to get the cheapest plane ticket, always book online. Even if this means booking a ticket on your phone in the airport parking lot, you’ll be better off. The theory that buying tickets at the airport is cheaper does not reflect the way that airlines now operate. If you’re looking to bag a cheap last-minute flight, it is likely that you will be shocked by the prices.

When it comes to air travel, it’s always best to take the time to compare prices and make sure you’re getting the best deal. That’s why we recommend using Find Traveling Deals – the best online tool to compare prices, find discounts, and book the lowest-priced airline tickets. Visit Find Traveling Deals today and start saving on your next flight!

Would it be less expensive to purchase a plane ticket through the terminal rather than over the internet?

If someone tries to purchase a last-minute plane ticket at the airport, they may discover that the prices are significantly higher than if they had booked it online. There are no benefits to buying a ticket directly at the airport.

Would it be less expensive to purchase an airplane ticket close to the departure time?

Buying plane tickets close to the date of departure is not usually the best way to get the lowest price. For the best deal, you should purchase your tickets between four months and three weeks before your flight.

Would it cost less to reserve a flight through a travel agency?

Generally speaking, travel agents do not get discounts on flights, particularly for short distances. Usually, the only discounts that are available are for flight and hotel packages. However, it is worth inquiring to see if the travel agent can get you a good deal on your flight.

Are flight tickets less expensive on the same day?

Generally, flights purchased on the same day are less expensive than if booked ahead of time, but this isn’t always the case. It may be beneficial to book a flight up to six months in advance.


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