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How to Sell Airline Tickets: Fees, Process & Pitfalls

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to sell your plane ticket? This article will provide you with the answers you need to know about selling plane tickets. We’ll look at the process involved, the fees, and the potential pitfalls you might encounter.

Can You Sell Airline Tickets?

The answer is yes. You can sell plane tickets to someone else if your airline allows you to change the passenger name. Please note some airlines allow only correction of spelling mistakes or minor changes in the passenger’s name. Also, the airline may charge you a fee of between $30 and $200 for the name change.

To do this, you will need to go to the home page on Sparefare and click on “Sell Flight Tickets”. In the dropdown box, search for your airline. If you find it, it means that your airline allows you to sell your flight ticket. You can then list your ticket for sale on their website.

Are There Any Fees To Consider?

Yes, there are fees to consider if you decide to sell your plane ticket. You will be charged a commission fee for the sale, which varies depending on the airline and the ticket itself. For hotels, commissions of 15-30% are still common. Unfortunately for you as a budding flight seller, there has been a downward trend in the commissions airlines charge for reselling tickets.

In some cases, the airline will even resell your seat, making double the money at your expense. It is the same for concerts, cruises, rail tickets, etc.


In conclusion, you can sell airline tickets if your airline allows name changes. There will be fees associated with the process, but you should be aware of potential pitfalls as well. If you want to find great deals on travel, be sure to check out Find Traveling Deals for the best prices on flights and hotels.

Is it possible for me to transfer my airline ticket to another person?

You are able to resell your plane ticket. To do so, you should find out if it’s possible to change the name on the booking. Once you know this, you can list the ticket online and get some of your money back from a non-refundable flight.

Is it possible to resell airline tickets?

Not all airlines will permit you to alter the name on a plane ticket. However, several of them will, with a fee ranging from $30 to $200, which can be put towards the cost of the ticket when you are selling it.

Is it possible to transfer a plane ticket to another person’s name?

In general, only slight modifications to the name on the ticket are permitted, such as correcting a typo or updating to reflect a legal change in name (for instance, if a woman changes her last name due to marriage). Making a transfer of a flight ticket under a different name is typically not allowed for several reasons.

Is it possible to receive a refund for a plane ticket if it is cancelled?

Before buying a ticket, look into your airline’s policy to see if they offer both a hold and a refund option. In the event that the airline allows a reservation to be made without payment, the consumer has the right to cancel it within 24 hours without any type of penalty.

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