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How to Sell a Plane Ticket Safely & Easily

Are you wondering if you can sell a plane ticket? You might find yourself considering this option if you purchased a ticket but are no longer able to use it. The good news is that, in most cases, it is possible to sell your plane ticket. In this article, we’ll explain how you can sell a plane ticket and the steps you need to take to do so.

Can You Sell a Plane Ticket?

Most airlines allow a flight ticket name change for a small fee; in fact, 80% of all travel plans are transferable. The cost of a name change is usually around £40-£50. If you have an unused airfare, you can sell your plane tickets safely online with platforms like SpareFare and TransferTravel.

First, go to the home page on SpareFare and click on Sell Flight Tickets. In the dropdown box, search for your airline. If you find it, it means that your airline allows you to change the passenger name, which means you can sell your flight ticket. Please note that some airlines allow only correction of the passenger’s name, not a complete transfer of the ticket.

In some cases, the airline will even resell your seat, making double the money at your expense. Unfortunately, it is the same for concerts, cruises, rail tickets, and other events. If you purchased a ticket to an event, it is non-transferable and non-refundable, which means you cannot sell it or transfer it to someone else.

How Can You Sell a Plane Ticket Safely?

The safest and easiest way to sell a plane ticket is to use a reputable platform like SpareFare or TransferTravel. They are both secure, safe and easy to use. On these platforms, you can list your ticket and buyers can bid on it. Once you accept a buyer’s offer, you’ll receive payment. After that, you’ll need to transfer the ticket to the buyer. This can be done through the platform or through the airline.


In most cases, it is possible to sell a plane ticket. However, you should always check with the airline first to make sure that they allow transfers and name changes. You should also use secure platforms like SpareFare or TransferTravel to make sure that your transaction is safe and secure. If you want to find the best deals on airfare and other travel-related items, make sure to visit Find Traveling Deals for the best offers and discounts!

Is it possible for me to give my airline ticket to someone else to use?

You have the option of selling your flight ticket! To do this, you will need to investigate whether it is possible to change the name on the booking. After you have done this, you can list it on the internet in order to recoup some of the cost of a non-refundable plane ticket.

Is it possible to receive a refund for a plane ticket that has been canceled?

Before you buy a ticket, be sure to check the airline’s policy to find out if they offer both a hold and a refund option. If the airline doesn’t require payment when you make a booking, you can cancel it within 24 hours without any charges.

Is it possible to alter the name on an airline ticket to another person?

It is usually only possible to make slight alterations to names on tickets, for instance, rectifying a mistake in spelling or adapting the ticket to reflect a legal change in name (e.g. after a marriage). Generally, it is not possible to switch tickets to another person’s name due to various reasons.

Is it a violation of the law to purchase someone else’s airplane ticket?

It is permissible to purchase a plane ticket for somebody else as long as their name is on the ticket and all applicable fees have been settled. Airlines should not deny the sale of the ticket in this case.


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