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How to Book a Flight on SAP Concur: Step-by-Step Guide

Travelling is an exciting experience and with technology advancing, it is easier than ever to book a flight. In this article, we will answer the question “How to book a flight on Concur?” We will go through all the steps needed to book a flight using SAP Concur.

What is Concur?

Concur is an online travel booking and expense management platform. It is a travel and expense management software that is used by businesses to manage their employees’ travel expenses. It helps to capture travel data, no matter where it is booked and see consolidated travel data on a single dashboard.

How to book a flight on Concur?

Once you have your department’s approval to travel, log in to Concur. Use the Trip Search box to enter your trip information. Click Search and wait for your results. To book a flight, log in to the SAP Concur and navigate to the SAP Concur homepage. You may have to use your company’s single sign-on or other credentials.

Once you are logged in, you can use the Flight tab to book a flight by itself or with car rental and/or hotel reservations. You can also book car and hotel reservations separately. You can also enter your preferred airline, flight class, departure and arrival times. You will also be able to select the number of passengers and the type of fare they want.

Once you confirm your booking, your reservation is automatically sent to the Concur system. The system then confirms your booking and sends you a receipt or confirmation email. You can also use Concur to manage your expenses while travelling. You can track your expenses and submit them for reimbursement, if necessary.

Concur makes it easy to book your flight for an upcoming trip. With the help of Concur, you can easily book flights, hotels, car rentals and other travel related expenses.

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Is it possible to arrange a trip through Concur?

It is possible to make reservations for flights, rail trips, rental cars, and hotels through Concur. To do so, you must have a University Travel Card or personal credit card listed in your Concur Profile. For more information, consult the page on Completing your Profile.

What is the process for using Concur for travel?

This new feature allows people to take a picture of their receipt with their phone and upload it to Concur Expense. The program then accurately captures the amount, date of purchase, vendor, type of expenditure, and location from the picture.

What is the process for adding a journey to Concur?

Login to Concur, select Expense from the top of the page, open the pre-existing expense report, click Details, go to the Travel Allowance section and click New Itinerary, fill in all the necessary details accurately (date and time) and hit Save.

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