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How Far is Istanbul from Turkey? Get Accurate Distances Here!

Are you planning a trip to Istanbul and wondering how far it is from Turkey? In this article, we will answer the question: how far is Istanbul from Turkey? We will also provide distances from some of the larger cities in Turkey to Istanbul.

How Far is Istanbul from Turkey?

The miles based distance from Turkey to Istanbul is 360.5 miles. This is a straight line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Turkey and Istanbul will be greater.

How far is it to Istanbul, Turkey from where I am now? The distance between your current location and Istanbul, Turkey depends on where you are starting from. Use an online tool such as Travelmath to plan your trip and measure the distance to your destination.

Distance From Istanbul to Cities in Turkey

Below is a list of some of the larger cities in Turkey and the distances from Istanbul to each:

  • Distance from Hakkari to Istanbul: 1,324 km, 823 miles
  • Distance from Gaziantep to Istanbul: 847 km, 526 miles
  • Distance from Istanbul to New York: 444.79 miles · 715.83 km · 1 hours and 41 minutes

You can also see the distance between Istanbul, Turkey and other cities on a map. Use an online tool such as to get an accurate representation of the distance.

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What contrasts exist between Istanbul and Turkey?

Turkey is a vast peninsula that joins Europe and Asia, with the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and Aegean Sea surrounding it on three sides. Istanbul, the biggest city in Turkey, is situated on the Bosporus waterway, straddling both sides of the continent.

Which city is closest to Istanbul?

The Turkish city of Bursa is roughly 150 kilometers away from Istanbul, so it is the closest one. If you are traveling to Turkey, make sure you stop by the nearby attractions such as the Prince Islands and Cappadocia.

What is the duration of an airplane journey from the United States to Istanbul?

The approximate flight time from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Istanbul Airport is 10 hours and 58 minutes. The time from Los Angeles International Airport to Istanbul Airport is 13 hours and 59 minutes. Lastly, the flight time from Washington Dulles International Airport to Istanbul Airport is 11 hours and 54 minutes.

What is the distance between Egypt and Istanbul?

The approximate distance from Istanbul to Egypt is 1641 km, with the driving distance being 2228.8 km.

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