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Get Hopper 3 for Free: The Latest Deals & Specials

Got the question “how to get hopper 3 for free” and don’t know how to answer? We’ve got you covered. In this article, you’ll find the answer to this question and get the latest info on DISH’s Hopper 3 service, including what it offers and how to get it.

What is DISH Hopper 3?

The DISH Hopper 3 is a whole-home HD DVR that allows you to record up to 16 shows at once, pause and rewind live TV, and access streaming content from Netflix, Hulu, and more. It also comes with PrimeTime Anytime, which gives you access to all four major networks for 8 days of primetime TV.

How to Get Hopper 3 for Free

The quick answer is NO, you cannot get the Hopper 3 for free, but you can get it with Zero upfront costs. Sure, if you are the existing customer and ready to upgrade, you can get the Hopper 3 with no additional costs. New customers can upgrade to a DISH Hopper 3 with any qualifying DISH TV package. Monthly DVR fees of $5/mo. apply when you use the Hopper to record TV shows.

Introducing the Hopper PlusTM with everything you love, all in one place. Easily access live and recorded TV, OnDemand, and all your favorite streaming apps. With the Hopper Plus, you’ll also get 2TB of storage and the ability to record up to 6 shows at once, as well as the ability to stream on up to three devices.

Additional Fees

If you currently have a Wally receiver, you’ll pay an extra $5 a month to upgrade to the Hopper 3. Same deal with the DISH Hopper Duo, which is now $5 a month. An additional Hopper will cost $15/mo, an additional Joey will cost $5/mo, and an additional Super Joey will cost $10/mo.

Deals and Specials

DISH Network provides some great deals and specials that make it easier to get the Hopper 3. These include:

  • $100 PrePaid Card
  • 3-Year Price Guarantee
  • FREE Hopper Upgrade
  • Free Next-Day Installation and Activation

So, if you’re looking to upgrade to the Hopper 3, now is the time to do so. With the deals and specials offered by DISH Network, you can get the Hopper 3 without any upfront costs.

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Does the Hopper 3 cost anything?

The DISH Hopper 3 is priced at $10 per month; however, if you don’t need the 500 hours of HD storage and 16 simultaneous recordings, you can opt for the Hopper Duo, which provides 125 hours of storage and 2 recordings for only $5 per month.

Do you need to get a new DISH in order to use Hopper 3?

Customers who are new to DISH can get the Hopper 3 when they sign up for a qualifying DISH TV package. There is a monthly fee of $5 to use the Hopper to record programs from live TV, including TV shows, movies, and sports.

Is the Hopper upgrade at no cost?

There is no charge to upgrade to the Hopper Duo so why not take advantage of it and all its amazing features, such as watching and recording on two TVs at the same time!

What is the total amount of hours in Hopper 3?

The DISH Hopper 3 has a substantial 2 TB hard drive that can hold up to 500 hours of HD content, an impressive capacity.

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