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Fly From Portland Oregon to Your Location in 9 Hours!

Are you wondering how far is it from Portland, Oregon to your location? In this article, we’ll provide you with a quick answer: the driving distance in miles, the flight time, and the distance from the equator and North Pole. We’ll also compare the driving and flight distances, so you can decide which option is best for you.

How Far is Portland Oregon From Me by Plane?

The straight-line distance from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine is about 2,543 miles or 4,099 kilometers. The flight time is approximately 5 hours and 25 minutes. The driving time from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine is around 46 hours, 36 minutes.

Portland, Oregon is located 3,073.04 mi (4,945.57 km) south of the North Pole. The Equator is 3,145.37 mi (5,061.98 km) away from Portland.

Driving vs. Flying

The quickest way to get from Portland to Oregon is by plane, and the journey takes just 9 hours. The cost of a plane ticket is around $357. The driving distance is around 3338 miles, which would take more than 2 days.

Related Keywords

  • Driving distance: 3338 miles
  • Flight time: 5 hours and 25 minutes
  • Distance to North Pole: 3,073.04 mi (4,945.57 km)
  • Distance to Equator: 3,145.37 mi (5,061.98 km)

As you can see, the best way to get from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine is by plane. It’s the fastest and most cost-effective option, and takes just 9 hours. If you’re looking for great travel deals and offers, visit Find Traveling Deals.

What town or city is within a two-hour drive of Portland?

You can find fun things to do in four delightful towns located within a two-hour drive of Portland, Oregon: Mt. Angel, Silverton, North Plains, and Forest Grove.

What is the distance between Portland and Seattle?

Traveling on Interstate 5 from Seattle to Portland is a journey of 173 miles that should take about three hours, depending on traffic.

How far is Portland from Seattle?

Comparing Seattle and Portland, two of the top cities in the Pacific Northwest, is common. Though distinct in their own ways, both cities boast an impressive array of restaurants, a great atmosphere, and plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors. With a distance of less than 200 miles between them, it’s easy to take a trip between the two cities, and both are definitely worth a visit.

What is the distance between Portland and Mobile?

The total driving distance from Portland, OR to Mobile, AL is 2,644 miles or 4,255 kilometers, while the straight line flight distance between the two cities is 2,124 miles, which is equal to 3,418 kilometers or 1,845 nautical miles.

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