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Find the Best Deals on USA to Russia Flights

Are you looking for information about USA to Russia flight prices? You’re in luck! In this article, we will answer the question: “How much does it cost to fly from the United States to Russia?” We will also provide helpful tips on how to find the best ticket price and make your flight journey as smooth as possible.

How Much Does it Cost to Fly from the United States to Russia?

Flights to Russia from USA in January are about $672 on average during January, but can be found for as low as $515. The average price for the plane ticket from the United States to Russia is US$1,812 round trip. Here are a few airlines and their lowest fares for economy class:

  • United Airlines $645
  • Air Canada $708
  • American Airlines $726

To find the lowest price tickets, you can search prices for multiple airlines on, the quick and easy way to find the lowest prices on the United States to Moscow.

Tips for Finding the Best Flight Deals

Here are a few tips on how to secure the best ticket price and make your flight journey as smooth as possible:

  • Book flights in advance to get the best deals
  • Choose an indirect flight to save money
  • Check for deals on budget airlines
  • Consider flexible dates for more savings

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What is the cost of a plane ticket from Russia to the United States?

You can find flights from Russia to the US for less than $337 on KAYAK.

Which air carriers offer flights from the United States to Russia?

The top airlines offering flights to Russia are United Airlines, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Eurowings, Delta Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines, and Finnair.

Are there any flights that leave the United States and arrive in Russia?

Flights from the main airports in the U.S. like JFK, LAX and SFO to Russia usually involve at least one or two connections, usually in Istanbul, Frankfurt or Paris.

Is it possible to travel directly from Russia to the United States without any stops?

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