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Exploring Why Hopper Got In The Car On ‘Stranger Things’

The Stranger Things series is full of mysteries, and one of the biggest ones that viewers are left with after watching the show is why Hopper got in the car with the men. In this article, we will explore the answer to this question, delving into the Stranger Things Season 2 plot and the clues that point to why Hopper agreed to this deal.

Why Did Hopper Get In The Car?

When Hopper was in the hospital after being wounded in a fight against the Demogorgon, he was approached by a group of men who offered him a deal. The deal was that Hopper would help the government with their research, and in exchange they would allow him and Joyce to venture into the Upside Down and rescue Will. Hopper accepted this deal, and at the end of the season he was picked up by a mysterious car outside the hospital.

It was clear that the men in the car were the same ones who had made the deal with Hopper, and it was likely that they had come to collect him in order to begin the task they had assigned him. Hopper was willing to make the deal and accept their offer because it was the only chance he had to save Will. He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure his friend was safe, even if it meant working with the government and possibly putting himself in danger.

What Was the Deal?

The deal that Hopper made with the government was that he would help them with their research in exchange for their help in rescuing Will. As part of the deal, Hopper agreed to keep the lab’s “problems” out of the public eye. This meant that he would keep the truth about the Upside Down a secret, and he would also not reveal any of the lab’s experiments or other activities that could be deemed dangerous.

Hopper had no choice but to accept this deal, as it was his only hope of rescuing Will. He knew that if he said no, then Will would surely remain trapped in the Upside Down and Hopper would never be able to save him. So he accepted the deal, and that is why he got in the car with the men.

What Was the Outcome?

At the end of Stranger Things Season 2, Hopper was successful in his mission to save Will. He was able to venture into the Upside Down and rescue his friend with the help of the men in the car. The deal that he made with the government also paid off, as he was able to keep the truth about the Upside Down a secret and prevent the lab from being exposed.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Hopper got in the car with the men because he had made a deal with them in order to save Will. He agreed to help them with their research in exchange for their help in rescuing his friend, and this was his only chance of saving Will from the Upside Down. Fortunately, the plan worked and Hopper was able to rescue his friend, making the deal well worth it in the end.

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What was the final destination of Hopper in Season 1?

At the conclusion of Stranger Things Season 1, Hopper was seen putting waffles in a box in the woods, which suggested that he was either aware of or had some hope that Eleven was still alive following the defeat of the Demogorgon, even though it was thought she had perished.

What was the agreement Hopper had?

Jim Hopper negotiated with Dr. Brenner to reveal Eleven’s whereabouts in return for gaining access to the alternate Upside Down world to locate Will.

Which vehicle did Hopper enter in Season 1?

Jim Hopper, the Chief of Police in Hawkins, drove a 1980 Chevrolet K5 Blazer that was provided by the Hawkins Police Department. Not only did he use this vehicle for business, but he was also allowed to utilize it for his own personal use.

What was the reason for Hopper’s removal?

The Russians tortured Hopper due to their suspicion that he was a spy investigating their activities in America. Despite the torture, Hopper refused to give them any information concerning his presence near the portal, and was subsequently sent to a labor camp in Kamchatka.

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