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Exploring How Flights Were Booked Before the Internet

Traveling has come a long way over the years, and with the internet, booking flights is faster and easier than ever. But before the days of online booking, how were flights booked? In this article, we’ll explore how flights were booked before the internet and how travelers could purchase tickets.

How were flights booked before the internet?

Before the internet, travelers booked flights through travel agents. Travel agents did make a commission from flight reservations they coordinated, but they couldn’t physically complete the booking themselves. Instead, they sold paper tickets. They had a large book called the Official Airways Guide which listed all flights to all destinations and prices were fixed.

To book a flight nowadays, you log onto the internet and not only select the route, but you can also pay for the ticket, choose your seats, order a special meal, and more. Before the internet, travelers had to rely on travel agents to book their flights. To book a reservation, they consulted a massive availability board, which attempted to account for all seats on upcoming flights using a system of colored flags and light bulbs.

The Increase in Travel Efficiency

Before the internet, travelers had to rely on travel agents to book their flights. They went to a travel agent, who would contact airlines on their behalf. Then the traveler would receive a paper ticket for their flight. Now you’re probably asking, WHAT IS THAT? And the answer is, that’s a paper ticket used to board an airline flight before the internet.

The introduction of the internet has made booking flights much easier. Now, travelers can book flights, buy tickets, and select their seats with just a few clicks. This has increased the efficiency of travel, and made it much easier for travelers to plan their trips.

The Benefits of Online Flight Booking

The internet has revolutionized the way people book flights. With online flight booking, travelers can compare prices, find the best deals, and book their flights in minutes. Additionally, travelers can access airline loyalty programs and earn rewards for their purchases. Online booking also makes it easier for travelers to save time and money by finding the best deals.

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What method did people use to obtain airline tickets prior to the introduction of computers?

Back then, airlines utilized old-fashioned, manual procedures that provided access to the airlines’ stock and enabled booking tickets over the phone. A single reservation could take up to an hour or even longer.

In what way did people purchase airfare in the 1980s?

If you wanted to book a flight, you had to contact the airline directly, go to their physical office, or get in touch with a travel agent to purchase tickets since there was no online option.

What methods were used to book flights in the 1970s?

You can always go to the airport, but most people who are going on vacation will visit a travel agency. In the past, some airlines had offices in major cities, and some of these still exist. Large companies may have employed their own agents to handle their travel arrangements, but it was more common for an employee like a secretary to make reservations over the phone.

What method did people use to reserve flights in the 1990s?

To book a ticket, one would have to go to a travel agent or give the airline a call. Then, they would receive actual paper tickets in the mail. Ah, I remember the days when you could request an aisle or window seat, but the airline had the final say as to where you would be seated.

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