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Everything You Need to Know: Do You Need a Passport to Book Flights?

Do you need a passport to book international flights? This is a common question asked by many travelers. In this article, I’ll explain the requirements for booking both domestic and international flights, and how to find the best deals.

Do You Need a Passport to Book International Flights?

Yes, a passport is required to travel outside the country. At least 72 hours prior to your flight, you must apply for your passport information. You must also present your passport when you arrive at the airport (except in some cases).

However, you do not need to give your passport number when you buy your tickets. Some airlines will allow you to make a booking without your passport details. Though you shouldn’t need your passport to purchase an international plane ticket, you will need it to board your flight.

Do You Need a Passport to Book Domestic Flights?

No, you don’t need to have a passport to book domestic flights. You might need a passport number, but some airlines will allow you not to put one in. To get anywhere near the plane, you’ll almost certainly need a passport.

Finding the Best Travel Deals

If you’re looking for the best travel deals, it pays to shop around. Here are some tips to help you find the best prices:

  • Compare prices: Use an online travel agency or comparison site to compare different airlines and routes.
  • Book early: Book your tickets in advance to get the best prices.
  • Look for discounts: Look for discounts such as student discounts, senior discounts, or loyalty program discounts.
  • Check for hidden fees: Make sure to read the fine print and check for any hidden fees before booking your flight.

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Is it possible to reserve an international flight without a passport number?

No, you don’t need your passport number when you make a reservation. However, you may need to provide that information when you check in online.

Is a passport book required to travel overseas?

The passport card was created to meet the requirements of people living near the northern and southern U.S. borders who often cross over by land, while the passport book is accepted as the legitimate form of identification for flying internationally.

What details are required to reserve an international flight?

When booking an international flight, you should include your passport number, country of issuance, expiration date, and your full legal name. This information can be added in later or entered while using online check-in.

Is it possible to arrange an international journey while my passport is in the process of being renewed?

When booking flights, you typically don’t need to provide identification documents until you check in, so you should be able to make your reservation without any issues.


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