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Discovering A. American’s Military Fiction Books

Are you looking for books written by A. American? A. American is the pen name used by a popular American author who is known for writing military fiction books based on the survivalist theme. This article will provide you with an overview of A. American’s work, including a list of books and other resources to help you find more of his writings.

Who is A. American?

A. American has been involved in prepping and survival communities since the early 1990s. An avid outdoorsman, he has a spent considerable time learning edible and medicinal plants and their uses as well as primitive survival skills. He currently resides in the United States and is an active member of the outdoor community.

What has A. American written?

A. American is the author of six books, all of which are part of the “Going Home” series. The books include:

  • Going Home (2012)
  • Surviving Home (2013)
  • Escaping Home (2013)
  • Forsaking Home (2014)
  • Resurrecting Home (2014)

Where can I find A. American’s books?

You can find A. American’s books online at and’s A. American Author Page provides an overview of the author’s work, as well as a list of his books and other related resources. also offers a wide selection of A. American’s books, including Going Home and Surviving Home, at discounted prices.

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Is there going to be a twelfth installment in the Survivalist series by an American author?

You can purchase the book “Road Home (The Survivalist Book 12)” written by Arthur Bradley on Amazon Kindle Store.

What is the identity of Chris Weatherman?

Chris is a veteran when it comes to survival knowledge, having studied it for many years. He has spent a lot of time exploring the wilderness in the Southeastern region of the United States, perfecting these skills.

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