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Discover Which Airlines Allow Transferable Tickets

Are you looking for airlines that offer transferable tickets? In this article, we will answer your question by looking at airline ticket policies of popular carriers and how to find more information about transferable tickets.

Which Airlines Allow Transferable Tickets?

Some airlines allow transferable tickets, while most long-haul and outbound airlines are non-transferable. Airlines that offer transferable tickets include easyJet, Ryanair, WestJet and more. Airlines that do not offer transferable tickets include Aer Lingus, Air Arabia and American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.

Vueling allows you to transfer your reservation to another person for free if it’s requested within 24 hours of making the reservation. After 24 hours, a fee may apply.

How to Find Out If Your Airline Offers Transferable Tickets

The best way to find out if your airline offers transferable tickets is to visit the airline’s website. Look for the Reservations or Tickets section to find information about their cancellation and transfer policy.


In conclusion, some airlines allow transferable tickets, while many do not. To find out if your airline offers transferable tickets, visit the airline’s website and look for the Reservations or Tickets section. For more information about travel deals, visit Find Traveling Deals.

Is it possible to transfer an air ticket to someone else?

Yes, transferable airline tickets are available for purchase. However, most airlines do not have this option and only offer non-transferable flight tickets. Low-cost airlines typically offer the majority of transferable flight tickets.

Are American Airlines tickets transferable?

Can non refundable airline tickets be transferred?

Non-refundable tickets are usually cheaper than refundable tickets, but they can still be used by the same person if they need to cancel their flight; however, they will be charged a change fee. It is important to note that the tickets are not transferrable and must be used by the person whose name is on the ticket.

Is it possible to transfer my Delta flight to someone else?

The ticket you buy from can only be used by the person whose name is on it. It cannot be transferred to another person. Before you finalize the purchase, you can view the fare and rules associated with the ticket.

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