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Contact Skiplagged Customer Service: FAQs, Reviews & More

When you need to contact Skiplagged customer service, it can be a daunting task. In this article, we will provide answers to the frequently asked questions about Skiplagged contact, including how to cancel or reschedule due to COVID-19, what is a “hidden-city” flight, and why flight prices are sometimes more expensive than listed. We will also provide an overview of Skiplagged reviews and the best way to contact customer support.

Skiplagged Contact – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: How do I cancel or reschedule due to COVID-19 (coronavirus)? If you would like to cancel a reservation, please refer to the instructions in your booking. To reschedule a reservation, please contact Skiplagged customer service via their website or email.

FAQ: What is a “hidden-city” flight? A “hidden-city” flight is an airline ticket where the traveler books a flight with a layover at their intended destination, but does not take the last flight segment to the final destination. This allows the traveler to save money, as the cost of the ticket is usually lower than if they flew non-stop to their desired destination.

FAQ: Why are flight prices sometimes more expensive than listed? Flight prices can be more expensive than listed for a number of reasons. Airlines sometimes raise prices if a route is in high demand, or if there are only a few seats left on a flight. Additionally, taxes and fees can add to the cost of a ticket.

Skiplagged Reviews

Skiplagged has 7 reviews (average rating 2.5). Consumers say: I don’t like that there isn’t a way to contact customer care with a phone number to resolve my issues. However, they do provide an email address and website for customers to contact customer service.

How to Contact Skiplagged Customer Support

The best way to contact Skiplagged customer support is via their website or email. You can also call the customer service hotline for help with any questions or issues you may have. Additionally, you can visit the company website to find more information about their services.

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What is the best way to get in touch with Skiplagged?

If you have any queries, worries, or grievances regarding this Policy or our privacy practices, please feel free to contact our Privacy Officer by email at [email protected]. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Is it possible to receive a reimbursement for a purchase made on Skiplagged?

If you cancel your policy within 15 days of buying it (depending on where you live), you will get a full refund of your premium. However, if you have already started your trip or made a claim, then your premium will not be refundable.

Is it possible for Skiplagging to result in a ban?

Yes, the Skiplagged website itself cautions against using this technique frequently, as airlines have the potential to suspend your frequent flyer account, take away your miles (like United has stated they would do), or even take legal action against those who take advantage of it.

Is it possible to terminate a booking within 24 hours on Skiplagged?

If you have bought your ticket within the last 24 hours, you can cancel it by pressing the red “Cancel Booking” button. Make sure you get a confirmation email afterwards to be certain it went through.

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