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Cancel Your Turkish Airlines Ticket: How To & Rights

Are you trying to cancel your flight ticket of Turkish Airlines? All the details you need to know about how to cancel your flight ticket with Turkish Airlines are available in this article. We will explain how to cancel your ticket online, over the phone, and the rights you have when it comes to making a flight change or obtaining a refund.

How to Cancel Turkish Airlines Ticket?

To cancel your ticket with Turkish Airlines, you have three options: online, over the phone, or at the airport. We will explain each of these options in more detail.

Cancel Flight Ticket Online

You can cancel your Turkish Airlines flight ticket online by visiting, and navigating to the Manage Booking section. Enter the six-digit booking reference alongside the last name of the passenger, and you will be able to cancel your flight ticket.

Cancel Flight Ticket Over the Phone

You can also cancel your Turkish Airlines flight ticket over the phone by calling +1-844-933-2065 or the Turkish Airlines office in your city/airport.

Passenger Rights

Airlines are well aware that things do not always go as planned. You can make a flight change or obtain a refund if your flight has been cancelled. Please check your rights in the Passenger Rights table and perform your rights 1-877-569-7887. The passenger must cancel the tickets within 24 hours of booking and 1-877-569-7887 the ticket must be seven days or more before the scheduled flight departure.

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Is it possible to receive a refund if I cancel my flight with Turkish Airlines?

No refunds or cancellations can be made to a ticket with less than 1 hour left before the flight. If the flight is scheduled to depart within 1-12 hours, a TRY 450 fee will be imposed, and the remaining balance, with the ticketing service fee deducted, will be refunded.

Is it possible to cancel my Turkish airline ticket over the internet?

If you need to cancel a Turkish Airlines Flight for technical reasons or because of unfavorable weather, you should go to the airline’s website and click on ‘My Bookings’. From there, you can call customer service or cancel online.

Do I have a full day to cancel a flight with Turkish Airlines?

The Airline permits customers who are traveling to or from the US to cancel their reservation within 24 hours of booking and get their money back without any additional charges.

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