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Can You Book a Flight with an Expired Passport?

When it comes to booking a flight with an expired passport, it’s important to know the regulations and implications of doing so. In this article, we’ll answer the question: can you book a flight with an expired passport?

Can You Book a Flight with an Expired Passport?

The name and passport number on your airline ticket must match exactly the name and number on your passport. Entering the information from your expired passport won’t work. Therefore, no, you can’t travel outside of the United States if your passport is expired. You can face serious consequences, such as getting detained at the border.

Yes, you can book and pay for the flight. However, you’ll need a valid passport in order to check-in, so be sure to leave enough time to receive your new passport before your flight.

Yes, you can book a flight with an expired passport, but only because a passport isn’t actually required to book a flight, regardless of whether it’s valid or not. You can book your trip as usual through your website, by phone or through the travel agent. You generally do not have to provide the passport number and other information when you book your flight.

When it comes to international travel, the short answer is no, you cannot use an expired passport. You must renew your passport if it’s expired or will expire soon. There are a few countries that allow you to enter with an expired passport, but this is not recommended as some countries have strict policies about entry requirements and penalties.


It’s not recommended to book a flight with an expired passport. However, you can book a flight with an expired passport for domestic travel, as it’s not required to provide passport information in order to book a flight. Yet, you must have a valid passport to check-in for the flight. If you’re travelling internationally, you must renew your passport before you can travel.

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Are airlines willing to accept passports that have gone past their expiration date?

The short answer is “no,” if you plan to leave the nation. An expired passport is not accepted for international travel. If your passport has expired or will expire within the next six months (in this case August 30, 2022), you need to renew it.

Is it possible to reserve a flight using my previous passport number?

The information on your airline ticket must exactly match the details on your passport, so entering details from an expired passport can cause issues because your renewed passport will have a different number.

What is the length of time a passport is valid for after it expires?

It is possible to extend your adult passport for up to five years after it has expired, however, you will not be able to use it for travel if it is close to expiring. Therefore, it is best to renew your passport as soon as possible.

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