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Book Mixed Class Flights Online: How To & Benefits

Are you looking to book a flight with a different cabin class in each leg of the journey? If you are, you’re in luck. You can book mixed class flights online, and this article will walk you through how.

How to Book Mixed Class Flights Online?

To book mixed class flights online, start from the Flights page and select Multi-City (even if you’re not visiting other cities). Then, in the search box, type “f bc=I” (or whatever booking class you want). This will search for flights with the specified booking class.

Booking a mixed class flight will give you flexibility to mix and match travel classes to suit your needs and budget, while still remaining on the one convenient, booked flight.

What Are Mixed Cabin Award Tickets?

Mixed cabin award tickets are those that include more than one class of service on the same ticket. This is common for international flights, where you might book a flight with a premium economy outbound leg and a business class return leg.

When booking a mixed cabin award ticket, you can expect the following:

  • Booking class
  • Miles
  • Baggage allowance
  • Lounge access
  • Everything else that differs between the travel classes

You can book mixed class flights on many airline websites, including Kayak, Expedia, and most airlines, although they don’t make it easy.


Booking a mixed class flight is the ideal way to get the perfect flight experience while staying flexible and budget-friendly. Now that you know how to book mixed class flights online, you can travel in luxury without breaking the bank.

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Is it possible to reserve tickets for different categories of service?

Yes, on the outbound and inbound flights of Nov 27, 2022, the booking class, miles, baggage allowance, lounge access and any other differences between the different travel classes will apply. You will not receive any business class benefits on the economy flight.

What is the process for reserving a combination of cabins on a Delta flight?

To look for flights, begin on the Flights page and select the Multi-City option (even if you won’t be making other stops). You can then choose the cabin class for each leg of your journey. After that, you’ll see the “Mixed” tag above each price in the results to find out which classes you’ll be traveling in. It’s that easy!

What is a flight that contains both first-class and economy-class passengers?

Mixed class airfares are tickets that combine both economy and either business or first class seats for international flights.

What does it mean to purchase a ticket with a combination of different types of cabin classes?

An award ticket with a mixed cabin can refer to either a ticket that includes both Economy and Business/First Class, or one that contains just First and Business Class.

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