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Book Flights Privately: How to Use Incognito Mode

Are you looking for a way to book flights without airlines tracking your searches? You may have heard to search incognito, and while there’s no exact best day to book flights, you can still do it without being tracked. In this article, we will talk about how to book flights in incognito mode, so you can keep your searches private.

How to Book Flights in Incognito Mode?

The simplest way to book flights in incognito mode is to open a new incognito window in your browser. In Google Chrome, for example, you can click on the three dots at the right-hand corner of the screen, and from the dropdown menu, click on ‘New Incognito Window’. You can also use other browsers with similar features if you’re not using Chrome.

Once you’ve opened your browser’s incognito window, you can now search for your flight ticket. This creates an online session that is separate from your main browsing, which prevents sites from being able to use cookies to track your searches.

In this video, we will disclose a tip which could save you a lot of money when booking flights in incognito mode:


Booking flights in incognito mode is a great way to keep your searches private, and to get the best possible deals. To do this, open a new incognito window in your browser and search for your flight ticket. This will create an online session that is separate from your main browsing, and prevent sites from tracking your searches.

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Are there any discounts available on flights when using incognito mode?

Using Incognito mode will not make a difference in the cost of airline tickets as the prices are determined by the availability of seats and the demand for the flight. Many people believe that there are ways to get cheaper flights, but this is not true.

What is the procedure for setting up incognito mode?

What is the purpose of using incognito mode when booking a flight?

If you want to avoid seeing a higher rate for a flight when you return to an aggregator or airline website after a period of time, you should use the incognito mode or delete all cookies from the website after you’ve finished. This is because these websites track your search patterns through cookies and IP addresses.

What is the best way to conceal my whereabouts when booking a flight?

Using a VPN is a great way to keep your data and browsing activity hidden from airline operators. It will hide your IP address and encrypt your traffic, making it impossible for third parties to access your information and allowing you to avoid being profiled based on your online behavior.

What is the process for deleting cookies when looking for plane tickets?

Confirm that you want to delete all of your cookies

Go to the menu button on your browser.
Select “Settings”.
Hit “Show Advanced Settings”.
Locate the “Privacy” section and click “Content Settings”.
Find the “Cookies” section and click “Delete Cookies”.
Verify that you want to delete all cookies.

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