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Book a Ghost Flight: Tips & Tricks

Have you ever been on a flight with an unusually small number of passengers? Or wondered why airlines operate a plane on a regularly scheduled route with little to no passengers onboard? If so, you may have been on a ghost flight. In this article, we’ll explain what a ghost flight is, why it’s necessary, and how you can book one.

What is a Ghost Flight?

A ghost flight is when an airline operates a plane on a regularly scheduled route with little to no passengers onboard – under 10% of capacity. According to EU regulations, carriers must maintain a certain percentage of their scheduled flights, or risk losing the slots to another company. In short, ghost flights are essential for airlines to stay in business.

How to Book a Ghost Flight

If you are booked for when those flights are scheduled to restart, take a look and just make sure the airline is operating. Follow the inbound and outbound flights for the route and see if there is any difference in the number of passengers. If you are booking a trip for later this year, pay close attention to disparities in flight schedules a few days before/after your desired date.

A website called Skiplagged specializes in finding what it calls “hidden city flights,” wherein you book a ticket to a place you have no intention of visiting, and instead get off at the connecting airport. This allows you to take advantage of the lower prices associated with ghost flights.

It is important to note that when booking a hidden city flight, you cannot check any bags, as they will be sent to the final destination. Additionally, the airlines don’t allow hidden city ticketing and can cancel your return flight if they realize what you are doing.


Ghost flights are an essential part of the airline industry. They help airlines maintain their flight slots, while allowing passengers to take advantage of cheaper fares. If you are looking to book a ghost flight, be sure to follow the inbound and outbound flights for the route and consider booking a hidden city flight through a website like Skiplagged.

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Is it possible to reserve phantom flights?

In summary, ghosting occurs when a deal appears in the results of an online travel agency or airfare search engine such as Google Flights, but cannot be booked. It is unfortunate when a great deal disappears, but unfortunately it is out of your control.

What is the process for booking a flight that is not traceable?

To get the best rates on flights, make sure to use Incognito or Private Browsing mode in your browser. On Google Chrome or Safari, you can open this mode by pressing Command (or Control on PC) + Shift + N.

What is the process behind ghost flights?

An airline will run a ghost flight when they operate an aircraft on a normal route but with very few passengers, usually less than 10% of the maximum capacity. This is usually done to meet their contractual requirements so that they won’t lose their important airport slots.

What is the best way to purchase an airplane ticket for somebody as a surprise?

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