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Book a Flight The Same Day: Last-Minute Deals & Tips

Are you making last-minute plans and wondering if you can book a flight the same day? The short answer is: Yes! Depending on availability, same day tickets are usually available for travelers looking for a last minute getaway. In this article, we will explain the different ways you can book a same day flight and how to do it.

Can I book a flight the same day?

Yes, in most cases you can book a flight and fly on the same day. Airline rules and regulations have become more flexible, so travelers now have the option to purchase same day tickets. However, some websites will not allow you to book a flight on the same day.

If you’re looking for same day flights, there are still ways to get tickets. The most common way is to call an airlines call centre and book the flight over the phone. This is usually more expensive than booking online, but it is the fastest way to book a same day flight.

Risks of Booking Same Day Flights

When it comes to booking same day flights, there is more risk involved. As availability is limited and there is less time to research, it is important to be aware of the risks. Here are some things to consider when booking a same day flight:

  • Availability – Since same day flights are in limited supply, it’s important to book your tickets as soon as possible.
  • Cost – Same day flights are usually more expensive than if you book in advance.
  • Flexibility – Cancellation and change fees are usually higher for same day tickets.

Where to Find Same Day Flights

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that, yes, you can book a flight the same day. Although there is more risk involved when booking same day flights, most of the time they are cheaper than booking in advance. With CheapOair, you can find great deals on same day airline tickets. So, if you’re looking to fly on the same day, be sure to check out!

What is the fastest way to book a flight?

It is typically possible to book a flight up to 11 months in advance, though this can be subject to certain conditions. These include the form of payment used, as well as any other influencing factors.

Would it be less expensive to purchase an airline ticket at the last minute?

It is usually not beneficial to wait until close to the departure date to purchase plane tickets, as they are usually not cheaper at this time. The most cost effective time to book flights tends to be between four months and three weeks before your intended departure.

Is it possible to book a flight one hour in advance?

It’s a good idea to arrive at the airport about an hour before your flight is scheduled to leave. This should give you plenty of time to board, since boarding usually begins around 30-40 minutes prior to takeoff.

Do last minute flights cost a lot?

The cost of flights gets higher the closer it is to the date of departure. It is generally more expensive to book last minute compared to booking several months in advance. However, some airlines do put open seats on sale to fill up the remaining spots if you have flexible travel plans.

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