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Are Police Scanners Legal in KY? Find Out Here

Are Police Scanners Legal in Kentucky?

This article will answer the question: “Ky Scanner” – Are police scanners legal in Kentucky?

The answer is yes, police scanners are legal in Kentucky. However, possession or use of a radio capable of sending or receiving police messages is restricted in Kentucky, and violation of this restriction is a criminal offense.

Police scanners are used to monitor radio frequencies used by law enforcement, fire departments, and other government agencies. By tuning in to these frequencies, people can listen in on what is happening in their local area.

In Kentucky, scanners are legal, but the possession or use of a radio capable of sending or receiving police messages is restricted. According to Kentucky law, it is a criminal offense to possess or use a radio capable of sending or receiving police messages.

When it comes to scanner frequencies for Kentucky, each county has its own list of frequencies that can be listened to. For example, Adair, Knott, Anderson, Knox, Ballard, Larue, Barren, Laurel, Bath, and Lawrence counties all have live audio online.

To stay up to date with the latest scanner frequencies in Kentucky, you can use online tools such as Radio Reference. Radio Reference is an online database of scanner frequencies for the United States and Canada. The website is updated regularly and includes detailed information about the various frequencies in each county.

When using police scanners, it is important to remember that the law requires that you only use the frequencies for lawful purposes. It is also important to remember that you should never interfere with the transmissions of law enforcement or other agencies.

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