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Are Plane Ticket Prices Rising? An In-Depth Look

Are Plane Ticket Prices Going Up?

The question of whether plane ticket prices are going up is a complex one, but the simple answer is yes. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index shows a 17.7%% increase in airfare from March 2022 to this March. According to IATA, the price of jet fuel has increased nearly 150% in the last year, and airlines are facing a shortage of pilots and flight attendants. Additionally, NerdWallet’s Travel Price Index states that the overall cost of travel is up 9% over the past year — outpacing the overall 5% rate of inflation.

Domestic Airfare Prices

Domestic airfare is forecast to increase this month to an average price of $277 round trip before continuing to climb. There are several factors that contribute to higher prices, including:

  • Demand – The more people that need to fly on a specific day and time, the higher the price.
  • Industry Recovery – After a few difficult years, the airline industry is set for a major comeback.
  • Cost of Production – The increased cost of jet fuel is a significant factor in the rise of ticket prices.

International Airfare Prices

International airfare is also on the rise, though the price increase isn’t quite as steep as domestic airfare. Nevertheless, international ticket prices are still increasing — and according to the IATA, the average international ticket price is projected to increase by 4.3% in 2022.


Overall, it is clear that the cost of plane tickets is going up. The combination of increased demand, industry recovery, and production costs are all contributing to the rise of ticket prices. If you’re looking for the best deals on airfare, be sure to check out for the latest offers and discounts.

Are airfares going up?

Will airline prices increase or decrease?

Berg mentioned that they anticipate prices to be less than they were in the prior year due to the lack of strong travel demand and limited airline capacity. Furthermore, he pointed out the rapid increase in jet fuel prices from January to May of 2022, which resulted in more expensive flights.

What is causing the increase in the cost of air travel?

The cost of jet fuel is an important factor in why airfare prices are so high at the moment; it is the second-highest expense for airlines after labor costs. Unfortunately, the availability of flights has not been able to accommodate the high level of demand for flying.

Will airline prices decrease?

Experts in the travel industry anticipate that airfare prices will stay elevated in 2023. Several forecasts suggest that prices will commence to decrease in either September or October when the summer travel period is over. People are desperate to make up for the travels they were unable to take due to the limitations imposed by COVID-19, especially when it comes to foreign travel.


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